Equipment Setting and Alignment

The craftsmen of Systems Contracting can expertly handle any equipment setting job as part of its equipment setting service. Whether you need Systems Contracting to offload and install one piece of equipment or relocate, assemble and set an entire plant, Systems Contracting does the job with a depth of experience that is unsurpassed by our competitors.

Our millwright and rigging craftsmen possess the technical expertise required to assure proper performance of machines that operate at ever-higher speeds and exacting tolerances utilizing the latest technology to achieve thousandths-of-an-inch precision.

Contracting Capabilities Video

Our customers with heavy equipment rely on Systems Contracting to install new equipment, move existing equipment, reset and precision align single pieces of equipment, as well as entire plants.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to the mechanical installation, repairs and setting of the following partial list of equipment:

Bucket Elevators
Caster Segments
Drag Chain Conveyors
Fans – Forced and Induced Draft
Galvanizing pots
Gear Boxes
Heat Exchangers / partial boiler components
Many heavy PARTIAL assemblies – WB, cylinders, couplings,
Package Boilers
Packaging Lines
Pocket Belt Conveyors
Pressure Vessels
Pumps / motor assemblies
Roll change equipment
Rotary Stackers
Screw Conveyors
Shroud Manipulator arms
Spray Cool – roofs, sidewalls, ducts
Stoker Grates
Water Cooled Equip – heat shields, etc

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Types of Work