Safety is Job One…

Keeping its workers safe is the top priority of Systems’ owners, executive management, project managers, supervisors and safety personnel. We believe that with the proper understanding of tasks and the associated possible hazards and with the implementation of adequate planning and safeguards all tasks can be completed safely.

Although Systems’ owners and executive management considers safety to be a joint effort between its management and its employees, we believe the initiative must start at the top and be viewed by all as the top priority. In other words, “safety is job one”.

Safety, in this industry, is ever changing and it is the goal of the safety department and the management team to adopt and comply with the regulations of federal, state, and local laws. Our employees receive quality training to ensure that they maintain an understanding of OSHA and/or MSHA safety requirements as well as site-specific requirements of our customers. Our training program is also supplemented by weekly toolbox talks as well as a monthly safety meeting that is held, via web conference, with the participation of all jobsites. In this way, we are able to relay vital information about changes in policy and procedures to everyone in a timely manner.

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Giving Our Employees the Tools They Need

Safety is ultimately the responsibility of each employee. At Systems Contracting we believe that information and education is key to understanding and combating the threats associated with workplace hazards. It is our goal to have a totally safe workplace.